Specification of services / Business profile


Based on the cooperation relations to the Rostock University apart from own performances the subject-specific utilisation of resources available at the Chair of Ocean Engineering and at the Chair of Fluid Mechanics is possible and a close cooperation with other chairs and institutes of the Rostock University is possible as well.

Experiences have already been gained in research and development tasks in the following fields:

  • numerical 2-D and 3-D flow simulations
  • flow field measurements
  • calibration of anemometers in the wind tunnel
  • model tests in the wind tunnel
  • model tests in the flume tank and in the circulation tank
  • experiments and tests to the material performance and for assembly proper operation für den deep sea activity in the pressure tank up to 600 bar
  • research into the electrical characteristics of deep sea cable in the pressure tank
  • flow investigations and mixing tests using liquids of various density

Information and calculation systems

For co-operating with our clients and external partners a high performance net of hard and software components is available.

Data transfer is possible via:

  • User-to-user connections
  • Internet, E-mail
  • Internet, FTP-Server
  • Conventional storage media

High performance software tools are available for calculations in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and the finite-element method (FEM).