Examples of projects performed so far both as contract research and as commercial orders:

  • Experimental investigations on the influence of knots on the ultimate strength of ropes
  • Numerical and experimental investigations on the effects of filters on air flows in a room
  • Numerical simulation and model tests for a technical concept to produce sustainable liquid mixtures
  • Calibration and classification of anemometers by measurements in the wind tunnel
  • Model tests in the wind tunnel for the energy transformation, for wind load of ships as soon as for approach flow of ships rudder and otter boards, tow cable, nets …
  • Long-term tests for hygroscopic and biogenic behaviour of submarine cables as well as appropriate properties of different insulating materials in the lab and at Baltic Sea
  • Tests for materials as soon as mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components to the deep sea operation in the pressure tank
  • Numerical investigations about floating solar plants
  • Realisation of a study about floating wind energy converter plants

Examples of the organization and performance of qualifications and meetings for the exchange of scientific findings

  • Organisation and performance of the workshop “Maritime Technik” on 20 November 2008 in the framework of the fair “Baltic Future”
  • Organisation services for 10th and 11 th International Workshop “Methods for the Development and Evaluation of Maritime Technologies – DEMaT’11 and DEMaT’13”
  • Practical work placements for pupils within the support programme MINT, as well as further internships supporting the pupils in choosing of study

Projects in preparation:

  • Numerical and experimental investigations to the optimisation of tow cable
  • Investigations of a study about wave energy converter