Description of the enterprise „MariKom“

Founding and profile:

The society „Maritime competence centre for industry-related research in marine engineering GmbH “ – shortened: MariKom – has been founded in 2002 to be an independent non-profit non-university economy-related engineering institution for research and development especially in the fields

  • ship technology and ocean engineering,
  • coastal zone and environmental protection,
  • fishery and more
  • technologies related to the sea and coastal zones


Business portfolio

Operating areas of this competence centre are services in engineering technology and engineering sciences and tasks of development connected with maritime technologies, methods, procedures, plants and devices.

Scientific focus areas of research and development are:

  • Fluid-Structure interactions of maritime systems and
  • Long-term behaviour of materials in rough environment

Analyses required for this are done by means of

  • Numerical simulators,
  • Experimental investigations in the laboratory and/or at sea

Moreover the competence centre as a co-operation partner of the Rostock University deals with the promotion and spreading of scientific findings as soon as drafting of expert’s reports.


Particulars of the society

Type of society:
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place of business:
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managing directors:
DE 226089737
Rostock, Amtsgericht Rostock – HRB 9384
079 / 124 / 00454
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Mathias Paschen
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Semlow